Introducing the Inward Turn Blog

Recently I launched Inward Turn, a business dedicated to offering mindfulness and emotional intelligence training and coaching to organizations and individuals, primarily using the Search Inside Yourself program, and offering custom work as well. 

As part of this project I want to start writing. I’ve had many ideas stewing for the past year and want to start putting them out there. It will likely be a bit sporadic, mostly following the flow of ideas, but I’m also taking it seriously and dedicating time to writing each week.

If there’s one overarching theme I’d like to explore through these writings, it’s the significance and benefit of turning our attention to our inner world—our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations of the body, and awareness itself—the whole moment-to-moment internal experience, as it relates to our personal and professional lives.

A central aspect of this theme is the notion of awareness in and of itself as a faculty, and, as a faculty, something we can develop through practice.

Most of us take awareness for granted and focus primarily on external objects as we move through the world. My goal through Inward Turn, as with any “inner work”, is to bring attention to awareness as a topic of discussion, explore why we might want to develop it as a capacity, how to do that, and what benefits may come in our day-to-day life.

Each post I’ll focus on a different aspect I’ve been thinking about and working with directly in my own experience. I’ll try to keep it short and the to the point and offer practices and tools I’ve found useful. A major aspect of this will be helping build and sustain mindfulness-based habits, including emotional and somatic (body) awareness.

A few topics I have in mind:

  • What is mindfulness and why should I care
  • What is emotional intelligence and why should I care
  • Mindfulness as it relates to creativity and innovation (hint: by helping develop fluidity of mind)
  • Our relationship to emotional patterns—how to see, understand, and work with them... compassionately
  • Differentiating our emotional experience and expanding our emotional vocabulary
  • Mindfulness and EI as it relates to leadership and productivity
  • Also, what's wrong with mindfulness today? I want to keep a skeptical eye towards some of the common issues and pitfalls with mindfulness practice and research.

As I write I’d love to open the discussion and hear about your experience with the topic, where I’m on and off point, and any questions.

And please comment below to share with me any mindfulness or EI related topics you've been noodling on, or I should consider in my ponderings.

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