Inward Turn is an organization dedicated teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills within organizations and to individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide. Our primary offering is the Search Inside Yourself (SIY), a four week program developed at Google using mindfulness as the foundation for emotional intelligence in service of greater performance, leadership development, and overall wellbeing. 

Our team of coaches and trainers are available for organizational training and mindfulness coaching in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area and virtually worldwide.

The metaphor we use for this work is an Inward Turn. Making the "Inward Turn" means turning your intention to your inner world—your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, the whole of your moment-to-moment experience. It’s a rebalancing of your awareness from being primarily externally oriented to a more integrated mode between inner and outer attention, bringing greater clarity and understanding of your mental, emotional, and physical landscape.

In time and with practice in this work, your mind, body, and emotions begin to stabilize, clarify, and become more enlivened. People tend to experience various benefits as their practice progresses:

  • You gain a deeper understanding of how situations and people impact you and are therefore able to recognize and respond to your own needs more effectively.
  • You have greater awareness of when you're starting to stress out and become overwhelmed, and how to deal with it before you shut down or over react.
  • You become more attuned to interpersonal dynamics and able to engage in relationships (personal and professional) with more authentic communication and tact.
  • You're able to more deeply listen to and connect with others because you can relate more directly to their experience.
  • Joy and gratitude become a more regular parts of your day-to-day experience.
  • Life becomes richer because you’re in touch with your experience more directly.

By making the inward turn you are beginning to develop new internal capacities that are useful in work and leadership roles, in family and relationship dynamics, and in knowing and achieving what you want.