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Eric Graham, Founder, Lead Trainer and Coach

Eric brings a unique blend of corporate, psychological, and meditation experience to his training and coaching work. He has spent the last 10 years engaged in emotional, psychological, and meditation work in parallel with his professional life leading teams building websites for large corporate clients and now a partner with the management consulting firm HolacracyOne.

He holds a Masters in Integral Psychology, has been a student of the Diamond Approach work since 2007, and spent extended time in meditation and personal development retreats. Today he's teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence inside organizations through Inward Turn using the Search Inside Yourself curriculum.

Marion Neubronner, Trainer and Coach.jpg

Marion Neubronner, Sr Trainer and Coach

Marion Neubronner is a Master Coach faculty with Behavioral Coaching Institute and a Supercoach with Michael Neil’s Supercoach Academy. With over 20 years of experience in coaching, teaching, mentoring, training and development, she has transformed over 10,000 clients with her expertise in leadership, multi-generational workforce, business growth, positive psychology and resilience.

She has a Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, a diploma in counseling from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore and a distinction in Teaching from National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Vasco Gaspar, Human Flourishing Facilitator.jpg

Vasco Gaspar, Human Flourishing Facilitator

Vasco believes that a "new world" is possible in organizations. A world where wise and compassionate leaders are really able to "lead from the future as it emerges" as well as to inspire people to flourish into their highest potential, igniting a real (r)evolution in teams and organizations.

With a toolbox filled with "cutting-edge" awareness-based technologies (e.g. Search Inside Yourself, Integral Model, Presencing, Element-B) his dream is to co-create and facilitate this future, something he is been doing in the last 10 years at several organizations around the world and with the general public as a social entrepreneur (ZorBuddha project).

Shalini Bahl, Trainer and Coach

Shalini Bahl, Sr Trainer and Coach

Shalini Bahl is a mindfulness consultant, educator, and researcher committed to developing skills to lead with awareness, compassion, and creativity. She has been pioneering research on benefits of mindfulness in the marketing discipline and has delivered two TEDx talks. 

Shalini draws from ten years of personal practice in mindfulness, her international business experience, and PhD in marketing. Additionally, she is certified to teach Search Inside Yourself, a program to develop emotional intelligence, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a program to develop the capacity to make skillful choices.

Paul Mentag, Trainer and Coach

Paul Mentag, Sr Trainer and Coach

Paul has worked in the field of team and organizational development for 31 years. He brings a wealth of experience, mindfulness, and practicality to his engagement with global clients and teams.

His focus is primarily on the effectiveness of executive teams, business groups, and boards of directors. He is also a long-term contributor to executive education programs at top business schools in Boston and France.