Mindfulness is largely about integrating new practices into your life--both formal meditation practice and informal awareness practices during your day. In time, these practices develop in you new capacities for focus, clarity, and understanding of your inner environment so you can respond to life with greater intelligence, stability, and care. 

Similar to how a musician develops their ear to hear the intricacies of a piece of music and a wine connoisseur builds their palette for fine wine, a mindfulness practitioner develops their capacity for inner awareness to see and understand their thoughts, emotions, and states of being in greater detail, depth, and clarity.

By balancing our attention between our outer lives and inner worlds, we come to know ourselves more fully, learn to accept more of who we are, become more intimate with ourselves, and therefore with others. And through this, our lives become more full, rich, and free. This helps us personally, professionally, and in our relationships by learning to respond to life instead of react and move from compulsion to choice.

We're here to support your learning processto help set the scene, offer guidance along the way, and serve as an ally through difficulty and confusion, as well as celebrate the milestones and transformation. The inner work has become a deep love of mine, has infused my life, and I find tremendous pleasure in helping others develop and sustain their practice as well.

TOPICS WE'LL COVER (depending on your experience and need):

  • Introduction: Discuss what you're looking for, your background and experience, and how can I best support you
  • Choosing a practice: Exploring the different forms of practice, formal and informal, and determine what's right for you
  • Establishing a practice: I'll share some of the best known ways to support a regular practice
  • Distinguish between different between formal meditation practice and informal mindfulness practice
  • Elements of a meditation practice: Posture, breath, attention, distraction, catching yourself, coming back
  • How to apply mindfulness in everyday lifepersonally, professionally, and in relationships
  • Common struggles and pitfalls and how to address them
  • Stages along the path: How do you know if you're making progress, what to look for, and exploring your relationship to progress in general.
  • Offering various resources and additional supportbooks, articles, meditation groups/centers, etc

We offer coaching in-person in San Rafael or virtually over video conferencing. Both are effective and offer different benefits. We'll start with introductory session to get to know each other and lay the groundwork, then customize the structure to fit your needs.

Contact us for more information, answer any questions, or schedule an introductory conversation at no cost.